The Fairy Tale

Excerpta from the Althotas’ poem

“The Fairy Tale”


April, the 22, a strange meeting.

Never before I’ve been thinking to her

That way, she entered into my room

And make herself so swift under my arms.

This dream happened in the morning.

Afternoon was shifting in the evening

When secretely we come back together.

She looks so close to the image of Leylah,

You know the person I’m talking about.

She seems to be her magickal portrait,

The archetype… yes, the Scarlet Woman.

She is experienced, she is advanced,

She is really a star into a burning ring.

We stayed together in liminal spaces,

And started to have magical experience.






     Es un Carme de la Noche, que la Vida es Sueno, Layelah.

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