The Fairy Tale – II

Excerpta from the Althotas’ poem

“The Fairy Tale”


The 6th of May, two in a circular room.

Like a bee on a flower, I had her nectar.

We share the semen mouth by mouth,

In the closing act of the first battle.

Waiting in the liminal light

The whole consacration ritual

The I.O. called O.R.,

Which, as says the Last Statement

Of the Invisible Chief for contemporary sons

Of the Chabrath Aur Boqer, perhaps

You better know it as H.Order of the G.D.

It is nothing but adaptation

In reason of tribe and culture

A stranger part of the same old Manuscript.

We had sex another time. Wonderful time.

Closing, I blindfolded her eyes with a foulard,

To banish and close with Q+

The 6th of June, I was waiting for the Lady

While afternoon was shifting in the evening,

When I heared a voice inside saying: “Write!”

Took the pen and the large paper, sitting on

The table, and with my left hand I began.

A communication from the leading spirit.

He gave me Seven Tablet, The Mystical


He asked to translate and explain.

It doesn’t matter what you think about.

Allow me just to say “it is”.

These tablet are evidently very close

To that Liber given by Aiwass in 1904,

And the main point is how to interpret


In a contemporary open way.

The last word was written.

While lifting up, on knees,

the four Archangels of the Q+;

To banish in the Supreme form.

At the end, I stayed in the Names

Closing the 4A., the Q+

When this was accomplished,

Winged creature, like a Fair

She appeared from the golden door.

I’ve been desiring she would

Have arrived during the time

I was been doing such all that

Magickal acts; notwithstanding

She arrived just in the moment

I completed the task.

We doesn’t talk at all.  We started other ways for.

She knew the tablets while was bended,

While I was behind her, her face on the table,

The Etheric form of  our Psychic Altar.

She ask for something more,

And I told her this Fairy Tale.


Es un Carme de la Noche, que la Vida es Sueno, Laylah

The whole poem:  THE MAN WHO KILLED GOD

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