Fairy Tale III

The Moon Breath

I was waiting for Her,

The Scarlet Leylah

I was waiting for

I was breathing for

I was living for

The Seven Tablets

Were on the table.

She arrived.  She arrived.

We were kissing each other.

We were naked, we were living

We were excited, we were loving

We were loving each other

We were loving life.

She is an horse

Her hair, an horse’s mane

Wild her nature,

Savage in my hands.

Tremendous love

When it allows you to hit

When it requires you to beat

Magnificent horse, uh-ah, Laylah!

Ride the horse, uh-ah, Laylah!

Uh-ah!  Galloping the horse…


Until I died.

Until I live again.

Sitting on the table,

Re-writing the tablets,

Naked like a monkey,

Pure as a Djnn,

She was under the table,

She was playing the Snake

She was trying Kundalini

She was the Sybil on the floor

Writing words of gold

Awakening for the new life

Listening to the inner voice

The Higher Self manifesting for


The Spirit of Fire into the Air

Enlightening the New Aeon,

Mystical Life Coming Forth.

Shaddai El Chai !!!

Entering the door of Yesod !!!

Ararita !!!


Oh, Thou Art, Thou Art ATHAOTH, The Golden Flower

One thought on “Fairy Tale III

  1. It’the perfect description of an encounter that behold physicality and spirituality: are very strong feelings that you receive. It is the strong desire to meet…..
    Video “Magick flower”: suggestive…
    Video “Awakened e reawakened”: disturbing…

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