The Fairy Tale – IV

26 September, first time at Collegium Spiritum Sanctum

we find the road through the cemetery, the man of the flowers

what could I ask him?  The house of the Magician?

Simply I said “the poet”.  “Do you know where is that home?”

He answered “I don’t know”.  But then added: “Enter”

Through the pillars we pass;  then right upon the hill.

Abandoned home, nothing more.  Through wild plants

we gone;  then the window of the northern room

was there.  To take contact with the place, I pissed

in the garden; then we entered inside the home.

Nobody was in; we stay in silence for a while

then we started to perform the supreme pentalfa.

She was behind my shoulders, she replied each one

of my gestures.  We consecrated the pentacle,

the metal with the mystical form of the hexagram:

and we call Axir to inhabit this secret place.

Everything was done; so we closed the sphere.

Just after having close the ritual, a man appears to the same window

we entered.  I asked him, pointing it with my finger

as you do tracing pentagram:  “Do you live here?  Is this your home?”

“I’m from Australia” he answered; and behind him a woman appeared.

“Welcome at Mr. Crowley home”  I said, and we began to laugh.

This magic day ended in the sunset between gray clouds

upon a sea of silver waves.  We said no words, but we were thinking

“This is nothing;  I’m sure this is nothing.  Nothing but love.  Love under Will.”

To be continued:


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