The Fairy Tale – V

October, the 6th.  Magic light  into the room.

Searching into your eyes, I beat her.

She wants to be beat.  She is Lilith.

And she wants to be beat.  Beat.  Beat!

I rode her as an horse, while she walked

by four feet throughout the room.

Wonderful and foolish, Lilith.


October, the 7th.  We come back to that home,

Collegium Sanctum Spiritum.

We performed the supreme pentagram,

like the last time we did.

We improved the consecration of the sigil,

calling Axir and making connection with Aiwas,

under the presence of E.A.G. and E.D.H.

and the intersection by the word “HCOMANANTA”.

After have been doing this, we didn’t close the ritual;

we were still alone, and we decide to do something more:

and by the same way Master Therion and his Scarlet Woman

Alostrael, to the same window we stay, making love

while reciting the mystic song of Ankh-af-na-Khonsu,

looking the gemmèd azure, the naked splendour of Nuit,

the star abodes, their keys receiving, the dead man

Perdurabo, and his scarlet woman Alostrael

were doing their passage into earth, making their pleasure

among the living ones…

And I tremble before thee…

I, I adore thee, Layelah!


October, the 8th.

She goes away.  Nothing else in my mind;

just the words of this old and wonderful song:

“Why she had to go, I don’t know, she wouldn’t say.

I said something wrong now I long for yesterday…

Yesterday love was such an easy game to play,

now I need a place to hide away…”

I will sing for her, whispering.  Tomorrow.


October, the 9th.

The blood was no more a taboo for us;

it was no more since the day first the shape of your hand

was impressed in red and white upon the sigil of Babalon,

where the photo of the manuscript begins:

but now there is something more: because I took your blood

from the deeper of your kteis, and each page of the book,

the lines of M.T. and the words of Althothash between these lines

each page was signed with this blood, and I drank of this,

taking my hands into my mouth, to go beyond the taboo,

as you did sucking my bloody sword, and kissing each other

sharing blood in ecstasy to kiss the secret ardours of Hadit.

Now, I wait the moment you will drink my blood, Lilith.

And even if love is nothing but a four letters word,

I can’t say this is not true.

I put inside your finger the ring of azure:

I took from your kteis the other one, with all that red;

Now, I wait the moment you will be my mystic bride, Lilithu.


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