The Fairy Tale – VI

October, the 12.  Thoth cometh.

In the morning the Scarlet Woman lead me

to that foolish dimension, becoming absolute

in face of the world, totally indifferents

to whom is not related to us, she, and me.

We perform the ritual of perfect beauty,

the eternal ritual of Nuit and Hadith,

the recite of the Stèle of Revelation

in the name of Ankh-af-na-Konshu,

in the name of Lilith, in the name

of the dead man Aleister Crowley,

of the dead woman Alostrael

to allow their passage through the night

and make their pleasure on the earth

inside our living bodies, by intercession

of the spirits of Aiwas and Ixtar

in the mystical union of  HCOMA*NANTA

under control of the force by the name

E M O R   D I A L    H E C T E G A

appearing on the throne of Ra,

opening the ways of Khu,

lighten the road of Ka

the streets the Khabs run through…

This happen on the Zenith of the morning.

During the night the wind was strong.

I wake up at 4.15, performing * and studying

ritual for Leylah, to transform her awareness

and composing for her, drawing for a portrait,

discovering I was completely drunk of her shent,

seeing her eyes everywhere, being able to think

nothing but her:  Lilith, oh Lilith, you, Lilith!

I ask to the Invisible Chief through that modest

instrument, you know, the ouija board;

the answer was very clear: AL NO ORE.

You see, there is a M loose, but the meaning is sure:

the Liber AL is now completely fulfilled,

nourished by the white, by the red.

Ore could be also a Latin form for “to speak”,

meaning therefore AL doesn’t want to speak:

but this is not, because of the following letters:


In the afternoon of the 12 the Book of Thoth

was already in my desktop, as I ordered

one month ago: today, a nice birthday gift.

And the birthday was not of mine.

The day following there was not time,

except a liminal space between 18.00 p.m.

and 19.30.  We met in the park, yeah

we met in the park, yeah, in the park, yeah

to read that part dedicated to The Art,

the Marriage of Fire and Water,

that Royal bridal ballad for the distillation

of the red and the white RECTIFICANDO

the arrow as symbol of the directed will,

becoming able to pass beyond vanishing

beauty and vanity glory, passing through

the falling tower, going from Malkvth to

Tiphareth, from the Moon to the Sun

by the force of Art, the Path of the True Will.

No one drop was loose.  Wonderful

animal and mystical, the Eagle and the Lion

Love is the Law, Love under Will.

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