We must distinguish anarchism from Anarchy. And reject the past one.

Why are understandable historical necessity (and therefore the armed struggle of the Risorgimento) – but today you can not accept the use of violence.

An anarchist is a person who does not want owners.

A person who does not want owners have no interest in being the master of someone.

To an anarchist, be the lord of someone is an idea repugnant.

The Anarchist is the Lord of Himself.

So the anarchist can not have any interest in convincing anyone by force.

Nor through the use of weapons.

Despite this evidence, the power often attributed to anarchist terrorism, especially through the technique of infiltration.

The dynamic is this: you pay someone because it fits within the context of a protest.

That someone will pay violent action in order to generate public disapproval of the protest movement towards that.

Power pay someone who pretends to play an anarchist terrorist action that is functional the tightening of power. It fits the anarchist, so power is the scapegoat.

The case of Sacco and Vanzetti is another perfect paradigm of this model.

[Youtube =

And also the kidnapping of Aldo Moro is not so different dynamics.

Apparently, the system is always topical and always helpful to frame the chickens.

By contrast, the noble anarchist idea associated with non-violence can be traced in the idea of Gandhi in front of the Indian National Congress, clearly stated: “I myself am an anarchist, but otherwise” (see Yogesh Chanda, Gandhi, the revolutionary unarmed, chap. XXII – Milan 1998).

Saying “another type”, Gandhi was referring specifically to repudiate the use of force and exclusive awareness of consciousness by holding, individually and collectively as a social system based on responsibility.

Perhaps the term is overused, and we need new categories, a new word.


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