Epistula ad Hispani


I just love the way EOS spells the name of the Goddess of the DAWN in Greek.
This connection I did not notice at first until you drew my attention to it.
I remember how you pointed out the letters EOS in the clouds as I drove you to Manchester railway station.
The clouds did seem to form the letters! – A sign from the heavens for us.
We must never underestimate the power of what we are doing as an Order.
To combine the Dharma of the Buddhists with Kabbalah and Thelema is more powerful than many of our members I think realize. What we are doing has huge potential to bring about change in the world – change very much for the better. Perhaps even more so than the Buddhist movement itself – because we are even more universal and transdenominational (transcending and not limited to any one system).
December 28, 2010
in LVX 120
Soror (Heru) Smaa Daui
The words of the chief adept of the UK T., so nice and clever, give me now the energy to talk about the spirit inside theEOS approach, which is the true will to become an instrument to spread the GD system and the Open Philosophy through Europe: we his brethren request again all the learned in Europe, as it is said in the last page of the Fama Fraternitatis (and, today, as the internet increase the system, thorough the whole world wide).
Therefore, we would think to this project as a collective and connective system inside the open sphere philosophy, with the aim to give energy to each blaze around Europe, and multiplying the opportunity to share something using the open source approach to publish study and researches (see, for instance, this Italian version of a study on the 0=0 degree), giving the opportunity for serious researchers to read but also to write having a non-physical place of reference, where the abstract form of the web may obtain a more concrete manifestation through the book and – if the person feels himself/herself involved – could be the way to improve the wish to have a meeting – for a ritual drama.
I see now Circolo Nuit, the website built by the Spanish Br., the work that a Swedish Br. is carrying on, etc., and this is to my eyes something that tells the story of somewhat wonderful and so deeply important which is going to take new birth in next time, vita nova.
Let me also lead your attention to an important astronomical event that took place in Spring 2011, when, as the image shows, Sun, Jovis, Mars, Mercurius, Uranos and Venus will be in Aries, in opposition to Saturn, the Ancient of Days, in Libra.
Important changes are coming, and we need to express some of these signs.
Allow me to recall that in other forms (more related to an economic approach on the matter of new form of tourism) I already expressed the need of initiatory travels around Europe with other words these ideas while presenting the paper at the conference on integrated relational tourism in Cairo (Helwan University, 2009), now published at this address (select Volume I – but I’m sure you already note & know this).
Coming back to the matter of magazine and books as instruments to share and “remain in presence”, the main purpose of the project of the first “equinoxial” issue of EOS (we shared in Manchester past November, under the authority of Soror (H) S.D. and Master I.O.), it is to affirm the lineage of contact between Italy and England (and America) in the Golden Dawn Tradition.  This first book will show in parallel Italian / English language, and I think it will be a perfect instrument to talk with universities and institution to organize conference and cultural events on it.  To reach this objective, the current of communication between England and Italy in the G.D. literature is explored not only by the present meaning, but through two literary horns.  The first one is the celebrate experience of A.C. in Cefalù.  The second one is the correspondence between W.B.Y. and Lucio Piccolo, the poet of Capo d’Orlando.  Through this exploration a lot of references and meaning comes in evidence.  The work has been – and still it is – really exciting.  The way ritual drama works on the unconscious (well expressed in the Liza Lewelyn’s introduction), the anthropological use of theater as instrument to go beyond linguistic barriers, etc., are themes inside this book.
Let me complete this letter with one more consideration on the value of the instrument in perspective.  When Liza told me that the travel in Spain needed to be re-scheduled, suggesting the possibility to go there together, I start to inquire the net to find some correspondence between the GD and the Spanish culture.  Notwithstanding, my results were not so excellent.  There was a passage of A.C, with Victor Neuberg while direct to Algeri, but nothing special.  Generally, even esoteric literature was no so strong in Spanish panorama.  There are some avant-garde movement as the realismo magico, but is more an aesthetic line of post-modern doctrine than a real consciousness’ emancipation.  I dare say that this is very similar to Italy, where this kind of culture has been repressed for centuries.  Now, even if we live in a (pseudo?)democratic system, the weigh of centuries is not something that we easily can scroll over ourselves.
To say (almost) the whole, Spain (especially Andalusia) was the place where important cabbalistic books (above all, Bahir and Zohar, so precious sources for modern Enlightenment) appeared during the Middle Age, before the expulsion of the “moriscos” by Ferdinando il Cattolico and Isabella di Castiglia, with the gracious advices of Tommaso di Torquemada in 1492 (exactly when Colombo leaved towards America).  Sicily was at that time under the Spanish crown, therefore it was the same, and after the expulsion began the reign of Inquisition, a terrible form of obscurantism that survives until now in thiny forms…
This consideration requires to be better explored (maybe in a next number of EOS, with contribution from Spanish friends).
I like to end this letter with some verses of Angel Crespo, Spanish poet:
Iniciacion a las sombras
A la sombra desnuda sus secretos
Toda musica, los
Unicos que no son
Solo sonido sino
Luz oculta hecha musica:
El unico camino hacia los reinos
Que nunca sospechabamos.
Thank you for your attention, and excuse me if the letter is even too long.
Thank you for a feedback not too early and not too late.
Hoping the light of חכמה and בינה enter in your room with Love and Wisdom, fulfilling you of health and lightness.
“May the benefit of this act, and all acts, be dedicated unto the Complete Liberation and the Supreme Enlightenment of all beings, everywhere, pervading space and time, so mote it be. May the benefits of practice, ours and others, come to fruition, ultimately and immediately, and we remain in a state of presence.”
January 18, 2011
Davide Crimi

your Cobbler
The M Foundation

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