Epistula ad Britanni

Dearest and Honoured, Sorors, Fraters

of this Fama Fraternitatis, while to this house you have been join, today or yesterday or tomorrow, ad even if I still wait to my birth, after long time finally I am ready to write you, with the aim to make known what is recognized and exemplar.

Long time, because the respect I tribute to our obedience, which is given to no living one, nor if he could be the head of a nation, neither if he’s a saint or a shaman,  but just to the Eternal Wisdom of the Holy Lvx which pervades every thing and every thing moves on.

Neither you have to think these words come directly from the Unknown Superiors, nothwithstanding it is from this origin we caught the council and, finding it strong in authority in the spirit of iron and in the one of salt and in the shining waters of the dawn, we cannot yet to hide the message we received.

It’s time since our F.F. advanced a system for the general reform of Europe through the work of wise and philosopher which coltived the shining light in the inner part of their heart.  This way to hear is to separate and distinguish the obscurantist – which adobe themself with the word enlightenment, making of this an exclusive gift for the predestinated ones, as they were the only person able to lead the teens, the hundreds and the thousands – from whom believes – as we do –  light is a gift to share with every one is ready to receive it.

Throughout this gift, as you can read in our venerated Manifesti, it has been made clear that ancient theology, the old physic and the elder mathematic are not based on the True.  Therefore, this F.F. expressed his words against the dispotism of these false doctrines of the Ancien Régime, breaking out the hegemony of the aristocracy and breaking the chains of earth, enlarging the sphere of person to whom can be revealed the marveillous teachings of that doctrine which is not but the one Adamo got in Eridania, and was transferred to Enoch and the Patriarchs before the Flood, and after was given to Abraham, who professed and put it as the Yetzirah of each Science and Art, as they flourished from to the sand of Mediterranean towards Europe and the whole world.

Today, after the European wall has been fallen, nevertheless we see the wall come back to the East of Mediterranean, while the hegemony of the modern aristocracy of beggars have to be destroy as the Ancien Régime was.   This will happen not because haine of class, but because technology leads towards this new reform of Sciences and Arts, which are opening their doors to sharing and connection, to every one demonstrated to be ready in dignity.

As in past century was made clear by our Venerated Superiors, we have to focus our attention on the fact that, even if the source is open and seeable to everyone, nevertheless it remains impossible to everyone to understand what these Arcana mean.   The most part of people suppose to understand, but we have to state that whitout teaching, this kind of knowledge cannot be obtained.  Therefore, nothwithstanding the Manifestos are accessible in five languages since their first time and now even the rituals are in the hands of everyone who searchs for them, it’s clear that who is not learned in how to read and to use them, will not be able to understand it.  This means that you have to find in your path an Order teleologically and telestically well-founded.

With these intentions we today are transforming our humbler studiolo in a circle, with the full persuasion of its inner value as a little vehicle to improve this general evolution of the contemporary world and its philosophy, raising it to a new social level and looking to the Western World and recognizing as the Chief of Nation a man who only one hundred years ago wouldn’t have been even a free man, but one without foundamental Rights.

We trust that Fraters and Sorors come to our door in the same manner, as we will not proselytise, but we will discourage anyone who does not have the wherewithal to tread so difficult a path.  The counsil obtained by  the S.I. was provided to give a warranty this path is well-founded, with reference to the Chavrath Zerech Aur Boqer, in German known as Die Goldene Dammerung or Loge zur Aufgehenden Morgenrðthe, and in French as Loge de l’Aurore Naissante,  being in England the Society of the Shining Light of the Dawn, and since 1888 under the name The Golden Dawn, whose rituals were revealed by The Equinox and at the present time as Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn, towards our Studiolo looks to its Hermetic Kiblah on the North (Isis-Hathor Temple) which owes its own Hermetic Kiblah to the West (Het-Nuit Temple).

Isis-Hathor Lodge detached from the current of the Classical Order, leaving it to accomplish its Dharma following the path as revealed in the Manifesto of the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn released on 2002, the British Lodge now looking to the American Temple as a New Aeon Kiblah. Since 2008, with our own document Post CXX Annos Patebo, Isis-Hathor Lodge opened its doors to Europe, and to an Open Source movement therein, focusing on Magical Ceremonies as ethnodramatical tools for Initiation (effective through their imprinting of the subconscious).  

All considered and weighed, the question could be: is our Order a Rosicrucian one or is it better to define it as a system of Enlightenment?  You know what we mean.  (And you will find additional explanation reading the epistulae and the flying roll “Inside the Golden Dawn”).  The question is inside the early manifestations of the Order.  With the aim to continue this path, it’s the moment our LVX have extension in Europa and in the Mediterranean in several circles of fire, molteplici focolai, to contribute to open awareness and consciousness in clear-minded and intelligent people who are changing themselves and the world.

Granum Pectori Insitum:

In Hoc Signo;

Verbum Est Lux

Sapientia Dei 

!!! !!! !!!

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